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28pc X Dog Shoes Waterproof Disposable Boots Anti-Slip Pet Socks L YELLOW

28pc X Dog Shoes Waterproof Disposable Boots Anti-Slip Pet Socks L YELLOW

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Daeng Daeng Shoes 28pc Yellow Dog Shoes Waterproof Disposable Boots Anti-Slip Socks L - Yellow

Daengdaeng Shoes are Disposable Dog Shoes. It is a patented product that has gained word of mouth among dog parents since its launch in 2021. There are various functions to protect your dog's paws with cute colors and designs.

Most shoes in the market are made of non-breathable vinyl and urethane material. However, our shoes are specially made of non-woven fabric that blocks hot heat and prevents patellar dislocation. One does not have to worry about excessive sweating as its fabric is breathable and ultra-lightweight.

The waterproof and non-slip pattern features are great for both indoor and outdoor usage, suitable to use in the rain or when walking on a hot road surface. Moreover, it passed a dirt and lawn test, and an asphalt wears test. This boot includes an adhesive strap to stop it from slipping. 1 Box includes 28 pieces of disposable shoe and 4 pieces of reusable strap.

Note: Please follow the measuring guide to ensure the right size. Check out our other listings for various sizes and colours

Product Features:

  • Patented product
  • A breathable non-woven fabric made
  • Non-slip pattern
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Suit for rainy day and hot road surface
  • Sweat discharge
  • Excellent adaptability
  • Prevention of patellar dislocation
  • Hot heat block
  • Ultra-light and comfortable

Product Included:

  • 28 Single Piece x Dog Shoe
  • 4 Piece x Adhesive Strap

Product Specification:


Brand: Daeng Daeng Shoes
Material: Non-woven fabric
Main Colour: Yellow
Size: L
Overall Dimension (H x W): 12cm x 7cm
Size Chart: Refer to the listing photo

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