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CATIO Multi-level Platforms Cat Climbing Tree C6034

CATIO Multi-level Platforms Cat Climbing Tree C6034

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"A place where your cat can play, relax and sleep."

Do you have a kitty that loves to climb? Well, look no further than the CATIO Multi-level Platforms Cat Climbing Tree! This is the perfect solution for cats who live in a vertical home and need elevated areas for safety and exercise. The tree is 156cm tall, so it will definitely satisfy your cat's climbing and scratching needs. And not only will it take care of their claws and muscles, but it will also give them a great workout. So if you're looking for the closest thing to climbing a real tree, this is the product for you!
Benefits and Features:

Sturdy and Stable Wood Cat Tower made of solid wood, without paint and chemical smell, eco-friendly and natural. the cat gym tree with multilevel is strong enough for large cats or multiple cats families. the cat scratching post’s sisal rope is durable, oil and chemical free, keeping their claws off of your furniture. easy clean and never get matted with cat fur.
Perfect Solution for Small Space, compared to typical cat furniture, this cat vertical climber is slender and out of the way. The simple and elegant design blends well into your house decor, does not detract from your furnishings and takes up less visual space in the room. This tall cat tower has a small footprint, without compromising on the cats' experience, creating a home playground for cats.
Safety Cat Tree provides a safe environment for your families and cats, the heavy-duty cat climbing tower allows the cat to remain in the same room as the children or dog but be high enough to avoid prodding from excitable little hands. Fits nicely in a corner where he can perch and watch the squirrels and birds.

Product Dimensions: 59.5x50x156cm



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