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Floofi Solar USB Rechargable LED Dog Collar (L Pink)

Floofi Solar USB Rechargable LED Dog Collar (L Pink)

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Why is the LED Dog Collar the Right Choice for You and Your Dog?

- Extremely durable design. Our LED Dog Collar is designed to be used to the fullest, all day, year round, for many years to come. It’s also not heavy in weight. We take pride in the durability of our collars.

- Our LED lights are very bright, providing increased visibility from all angles in the dark hours of night, dusk, and dawn. We are dog owners, and love the safety these collars bring to our dogs around motorist.

- The metal loop for the leash is located in the middle of the collar - not near the buckle. This means that when you walk your dog the collar will not rotate, allowing the LED to shine around your dogs neck and be seen from all angles at all times.

- No batteries needed, ever! The LED collar charges via USB, cable included & Solar. No more wasting money on batteries, eco-friendly & much better value.

SETTINGS: On ➭ Static brighting ➭ Rapid flashing ➭ Off

Safety & Protection
Super bright led lights, provides visibility up to 800m away. Designed to provide visibility that helps keep your pet and you safe during night walks.

2 Charging Modes
Tailored for your convenience, our collar operates via a solar battery charging that allows you to charge the collar during the day but you may also opt to charge it using the USB port.

2 Light Modes
With just a click of a button you are able to switch between an always-on flash or a fixed glow depending on your preferences.

Our collar is equipped with an adjustable buckle to help ensure it can fit all neck sizes while keeping your pet is comfortable at all times.

Made from high-quality nylon material, you can be sure that this collar is made for timeless durability and is able to withstand a bit of roughhousing from your dog.

Dimensions : L: 50-60cm, Suit for Pets 25- 40KGS
Weight : 0.15 KG
Materials : Nylon + plastic + solar panel + metal
Colours : Pink

Dimensions (H x W x L): 15 x 13 x 6 cm
Weight : 0.2 KG
Content: 1 x Solar USB Rechargeable LED Dog Collar (Large)
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