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iBuddy Dog Seat Belt for Cars, Headrest Restraint with Locking Carabiner

iBuddy Dog Seat Belt for Cars, Headrest Restraint with Locking Carabiner

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Headrest�Seat Belt for�Dogs with Locking Carabiner & Elastic Buffer

The�iBuddy�Headrest Seat Belt for Dogs has all the features you should want in a dog seat belt. It secures�quickly and easily to your car's headrests, preventing the seat belt from getting tangled�or chewed on by your dog.�It's essential to�keep your dog restrained when travelling by car. It prevents them from jumping into your lap, falling into the foot well or otherwise pulling your attention off of the road and also keep them damaging vulnerable areas of your car. The dual-safe�locking carabiner and high-density nylon construction will ensure your dog stays safe and secure at all times.�

Unlike some dog seat belts, this one not only keeps your pet confined to one area but also puts their safety first. An elastic buffer design prevents the belt from unnecessarily pulling on your pooch during sudden braking or sharp turns. The seat belt gives slightly, which prevents it from chocking your dog while also keeping them firmly on their side of the car. This belt is even dual-purpose allowing you to use it inside the car as a seat belt and outside the car as a dog leash without�having to make any adjustments.�

Main Advantages of Headrest Restraint over Conventional Seatbelts:

  • Less risk of seat belt getting tangled around your dog's legs
  • Less risk of your dog chewing on the seat belt or accidentally detaching the seat belt by stepping on the seat belt clip
  • Velcro openings in rear seat cover can be kept closed preventing�dog hair, dirt and dust from falling under the rear seat cover


Colour: Black and yellow
Materials: High density nylon webbing and zinc diecast components
Dimensions: L�41.2-54.5cm x W 2.5cm

Product Features

  • Headrest attachment�prevents the seat belt from getting tangled�or�chewed on by your dog
  • Elastic buffer design protects your dog from possible injuries during sudden braking
  • Multi-functional�- seat belt and�short dog leash
  • Designed to keep your dog secure while driving
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Made from zinc diecast components and durable nylon webbing
  • Fully adjustable for dogs of all sizes
  • Easy to install � just click and go
  • Compatible with most cars
  • Reduces dog's movements to ensure safety
  • One year warranty
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