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PETKIT Evertravel- Cat Backpack- White

PETKIT Evertravel- Cat Backpack- White

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The PETKIT Evertravel White Cat Backpack is perfect for taking your furry friend on all of your adventures! This stylish and well-ventilated comfortable pet carrier is just the thing you need to keep your kitty safe and sound while on the go. With plenty of room to move around, your cat will be able to enjoy the journey in complete comfort. It features a fresh air ventilation system to keep your pet comfortable, along with an inbuilt fan and light. Plus, it's lightweight and spacious enough to fit cats or small dogs up to 8kg. So bring your best friend with you wherever you go and enjoy some together time!

Benefits and Features:
Advanced fresh air system: The intelligent fresh air system has a built-in temperature sensor, which can control the air automatically or adjust the air manually in 3 gears.
Dark brown window: The dark brown window allows your pet to enjoy the beautiful scenery and reduces external stimuli.
Pressure reduction system: The technical shock absorption backplate fits the back of the human body to reduce weight. The special mesh punching process maintains ventilation.
Large space for more comfort: Widened bottom area increases the space for pets to move inside the backpack. Special designed metal-plated foot pads prevent falling when placing the backpack on the floor.
Suitable also for small-sized dogs.

Caution: Important!
Please make sure the zipper is fully zipped and check if it's locked, after placing your pet into the backpack.
This backpack can only fit cats or small dogs weighing up to 8KG.
Please do NOT use the electric fan for a cat(or small dog), that are in poor health condition or have wet fur.

Product Colour: White
Product Size: 33 x 30 x 45cm
Product Weight: 1.4kg
Rated Power: 5V DC (Power bank not included)


PETKIT Evertravel White Cat Backpack is a way to take your furry friend with you on your journeys. This old-school style carrier comes with a fresh air ventilation system, making it perfect for taking your cat or small dog on the go. With an inbuilt fan and light, this backpack ensures that your pet is comfortable and safe during your travels. Plus, its lightweight and spacious design mean it can fit pets up to 8kgs.

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