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PIDAN Cat Tree - Jump Jump

PIDAN Cat Tree - Jump Jump

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"High-quality and durable cat tree for your cat's wellbeing."

Cats are curious creatures who take great joy in climbing, jumping, scratching and lounging. Your feline friends will love this sophisticated looking, four-tiered cat tree. It has a safe and stable design. Made of sturdy medium-density fiberboard and polyester fibre. PIDAN Jump Jump Cat Tree offers a variety of activities to enjoy for play or naps, your home won't just have the boring old rug anymore!

Benefits and Features:
Comes with a dangling ball to stimulate cat hunting instincts.
Polyester covered padded boards.
Provide a great outlet for your cat to receive exercise and relieve stress.
The four-tiered layer allows climbing, stretching, and makes your cat stay active.
The cat tree can hold up to 8.9 kg in weight.
Material: MDF, Polyester Fiber, Teddy Velvet, Sponge
Product Size: 584×584×1260mm
Product Weight: 8900g
Product Gross Weight: 10500g


PIDAN Jump Jump Cat Tree is the perfect activity tree for your cat. Made from durable materials, it's a quality cat tree that offers your cats to play, sleep or relax to their heart's content. If you're looking for a cat tree that doesn't take up lots of space then this is what you need!

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