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[6-PACK] Earth Japan Wipes Towel 25 Piece 30*20cm Quick Drying for Cats

[6-PACK] Earth Japan Wipes Towel 25 Piece 30*20cm Quick Drying for Cats

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Description:Just wipe it to feel refreshed and get rid of dirt! Coconut oil and silk protein make your skin and coat shiny and moisturized. House dust and pollen care by wiping. Thick and soft mesh that is easy to use. A quick-drying type that dries quickly and is not sticky.

Capacity:30×20cm (25 pieces)

Use Method:Before using this product, brush it thoroughly to loosen the tangles on the dog's coat. Lift up the opening sticker on the front of the package, take out each one and wipe it on your dog's body. There is no need to wash or wipe the product after use. Brush and condition the coat.

Caution:[Precautions for use]
Do not use this product if there is an abnormality such as a wound or inflammation (rash) on the skin of a person or pet who is not using it for any purpose other than its intended purpose.In addition, if you notice any abnormality due to the use of this product, discontinue use. , take this product and consult a doctor or veterinarian. Be careful not to let this product get into your dog's eyes, mouth, or ears. After opening, be sure to close the seal tightly to prevent drying. This product should not be immersed in water. Do not flush it down the toilet as it will not dissolve.


Ingredient:Rayon nonwoven fabric Ingredients: Water, glycols, preservatives, silk protein, sodium hyaluronate, lubricant, polyquaternium-61 (Lipidure R), coconut oil, eucalyptus leaf extract

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