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CATIO White Camelia Flower Cat Scratching Tree

CATIO White Camelia Flower Cat Scratching Tree

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Embrace the beauty of nature and satisfy your cat's curiosity with CATIO White Camellia Flower Cat Scratching Tree. This charming scratching tree is like a real flower brought to life for your feline friend. Covered in green natural sisal and featuring a plush white camellia flower on top, it brings a touch of cuteness and freshness to any room. Its round base with carpet effortlessly blends into modern decor while adding a playful element. 


Watch your cat scratch, climb, exercise, and jump, engaging their natural instincts. CATIO scratchers are not only vivid and durable but also suitable for cats of all kinds. The green sisal-covered post is a great scratching spot and promotes healthy scratching habits. With the addition of hanging leaves, your cat can indulge in prey-like behaviours, increasing playtime and providing extra pleasure. Bring the outdoors inside and let your cat explore a world of fun!

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