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CATLINK Deodorizer-Fresh

CATLINK Deodorizer-Fresh

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The CATLINK Smart Deodoriser provides and keeps your home smelling fresh and clean at all times! Able to eliminate odors with its ozone feature, it also has a 98% deodorisation and 99.7% disinfection rate. Arriving with three different modes to suit any household, you can save on electricity while maintaining an odor-free home. Offering optimal protection thanks to its infrared and vibration sensors to detect people and animals nearby, it'll stop its functions for peace of mind. The super-long battery life offers an extended service while its silent design prevents annoying noises when turned on. Eliminating nasty smells and odors with a simple click, get yours today!


Multiple modes to suit different household preferences
Effective and simple method to eliminate smells and odors
Super quiet when operating
98% Deodorisation and 99.7% Disinfection Rate

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