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Cleo Cat Litter Cabinet, White

Cleo Cat Litter Cabinet, White

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Wooden Cat Litter Box, Cat House and Storage Cabinet

You love your cats. But you can�t stand the look of an uncovered litter box�or your guests seeing a dirty one. Fortunately, this product helps with both.

Designed to look like a cabinet, this wooden�litter box�gives your cats and their business some much-needed privacy. Large enough to fit even the roundest feline, it offers plenty of space for your average tabby cat. Though its large size could be a drawback, its multi-functional lid lets you make use of what�s typically dead space. Just put a bed or feeding dishes on top and limit the footprint your cats leave on the rest of your home.

Thanks to its neutral coloration, it�ll look great no matter where you choose to stash it!


Colour: White
Materials: Painted MDF, Stainless Steel Hardware
External Dimensions:�W 75cm x D 53.3cm x H 50.8cm

Internal Dimensions: Refer photo gallery
Door Opening Size: W 21.9cm x H 25.8cm

Product Weight: 19.20kg
Maximum Weight Limit for Lid: 80kg with Divider & 54kg without Divider
Excluded: Cat litter tray

Please note:�The wooden materials used in this litter box are not waterproof so any spilled cat urine should be cleaned immediately to avoid swelling. Tip: For peace of mind, we recommend lining the inside of the cabinets with a self-adhesive film�or custom made litter mat

Product Features

  • Whether you have Garfield or a Savannah cat, this box is positively roomy
  • Turns the top of your litter box into usable space
  • Its enclosed structure gives your cat some much-needed privacy
  • Keeps your cat�s unmentionables out of sight and out of mind
  • Doors on the side of the box make cleaning this litter box easy
  • Its bright white coloration ensures it won�t clash with your d�cor
  • The opening is too small for most dogs, keeping them out of your litter
  • This enclosed cat litter box is perfect for tucking into corners and closets
  • Features a removable interior panel to accommodate larger cats
  • The right and left panels are interchangeable so that the opening can be positioned on either side
  • Custom made litter mats now available -�sold separately
  • Magnetic touch doors for easy opening
  • Looks more like a family heirloom than a cat box
  • Holes at the back for air circulation

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