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Floofi 4 in 1 pet scooper & feeder Green FI-FD-113-XQ

Floofi 4 in 1 pet scooper & feeder Green FI-FD-113-XQ

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Floofi 4 in 1 pet scooper and feeder Green

All In One:
Carry everything you need all at once. Floofi's dog water bottle not only stores your pet's treats, but also has a waste bag compartment at the bottom with a pooper scooper attached.

Weighing less than half a kg, carry it effortlessly through your walks and hikes.

Carry It Everywhere:
Compact in size and light in weight, you can easily slide this water bottle into any corner of your bag or even carry it through your walks and hikes effortlessly.

Operate It Smoothly:

Release water effortlessly into the trough with a mere push of a button and let the excess water flow back in the same way. That way, you can save more water for the journey ahead.

Clean It Thoroughly:
Germs and bacteria can get your fur baby sick. With our detachable feature, you can dismantle each part into smaller pieces to get into the nooks and crannies during washes.

One Big Curve:
The trough is designed with a deep curve to resemble a bowl. Its high edges minimises spills and wastage even as your pet gobbles and licks away.

Material: PC and ABS
Capacity: 300ml
Colour: Green
Dimension: 32.5 x 9.6 x 9.4cm (H x W x L)
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