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INABA Churu Tuna With Chicken Recipe (14G X 4) 6PK

INABA Churu Tuna With Chicken Recipe (14G X 4) 6PK

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Handy Cat Treat!

An all-purpose fun treat for your cat when you want to feed her by hand. This handy tube tears open and puss can lick happily at the contents. Creamy and savoury, the high moisture factor provides good hydration and an even balance for dry food, you can even add it on top of her usual meal. Churu® Purées are grain-free, preservative-free and produced with 100% tuna and chicken. Available in nine tasty varieties, puss can have a treat anytime!

  • Designed to feed by hand
  • A novel way to spend time with your cat
  • Great for administering pills
  • Low in calories
  • Weight: 14g x 4pcs
  • Size: 11 x 2 x 21cm
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