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Scoop Free Cat Litter Box, Moderna Lift-to-Sift Grey, Jumbo

Scoop Free Cat Litter Box, Moderna Lift-to-Sift Grey, Jumbo

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Cat Litter Tray w/ Built-in Sifter�& Scatter Guard

Clean litter in seconds with the Moderna Lift-to-Sift cat litter tray. This sift litter tray is ideal for cat�owners who love the�idea of scoop free cleaning. Available in two sizes, large and jumbo, to suit your cat's needs. The�slotted holes in the sifting pan are designed to allow the�clean�litter�granules to fall through them, but detain the waste and clumps in the pan for easy disposal.�The�scatter guard�provides extra height, which is ideal�for cats that love to dig and flick litter.


Colour:�Grey and yellow
Overall Dimensions: L 57cm x�W 43cm x H 27cm

Sifter Slot Size: W 0.5cm x L 1.5-6.5cm�
Contents: Two solid tray, one sifter tray and one height extender

Product Features

  • Scoop free cleaning system
  • Minimises cat litter wastage
  • Top section (scatter guard) keeps dirt and litter inside
  • Solid trays prevent leaking
  • Double trays allows you to clean litter in one action
  • Second tray�fits�underneath for easy storage
  • Sifter separates dirty litter by allowing clean litter to fall through it
  • Clean with warm soapy water
  • Durable�plastic for long lasting use
  • Large enough for a Main Coon
  • Made in Europe

Cat Litter Type


The�Moderna Lift-to-Sift litter tray�has�been designed to work with various types of clumping litter�with suitable�size and weight�of particle. The sifting holes are approx 5mm wide and vary in length from 15mm to 65mm. Wood and paper based�litters�are not suitable�as the particles are too large or lightweight to pass through the sifter. Michu�Tofu Natural Clumping Cat Litter is a good choice for this litter tray as well as�a large variety of other clumping litters on the market. As a large variety of clumping litters are suitable, you�have the flexibility to choose one to�suit your cats and your budget.

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